Only 10% of lost pets are found over years,
DOTT helps increase the chances of reuniting lost pets with their families by 4 times!
Get a DOTT Smart Tag and protect your pet today!

The DOTT app increases the chances of finding lost pets by 4 times!

Icon feat cdlpp

Customized Digital Lost Pet Poster

A digital link of pet photo & profile

Icon feat llu

Live Update

Latest location and message feeds from the community

Icon feat asf

Advanced Search Functions

Instant mobile app and email alert to show
latest location

Icon feat mpmo

Multiple Pets to Multiple Owners

Multiple pet profile management in the same account &
can be shared among different owners easily

Icon feat nomonthfee

No Monthly or Yearly Fee

Enjoy lifelong protection with one-time payment

We understand your needs, as we're pet owners too!

Icon tech 6month

Replaceable Battery

CR 2032 battery lasts 6 months

Icon tech water

Water Resistant

Let your pet take a bath or
run in the rain without worries

Icon tech light

Light Weight

1/4 oz (7g) &
0.6” (1.5cm) radius

Icon tech engravable


Lazer engraving